Value proposition

Potential capabilities offered by BidModel include:

  • Capture expected monthly income and costs to assess the financial attractiveness of opportunities, e.g. setup new business, bespoke customer pricing
  • Show expected financial performance metrics, e.g. Revenues, margins, cash generated, Net Present Value, payback term, cash strain
  • Sensitivity analysis of metrics to changes in business case drivers, e.g. salaries
  • Provide sample business cases by business type/region
  • Allow export of business case data to external data stores, e.g. Excel (CSV), Google Sheet, DropBox, JSON, Databases, SharePoint, PDF
  • Import data from external source(s), e.g. Excel
  • Allow business case options/scenarios
  • Track actual financials relative to planned business case
  • Pricing strategy development
  • Web based and off-line versions, e.g. Excel, Google Sheet
  • Accessible via phone, tablet and laptop
  • Provide Create, Read, Update and Delete business case rights to others

Critical assumptions

The key assumptions that need to be tested about potential users are:

  • Need a way to assess the financial attractiveness of potential projects and have no easy way to do this now
  • Able and happy to enter business financials (cost and revenue drivers) into an on-line (or stand-alone) tool
  • Want to share financial proposals with other people or groups in a secure way
  • Want to track actual financials v plan
  • Require access via laptop, tablet and phone.
  • Want help developing pricing strategies
  • Want to import from and export financial data to other systems